WHAT KIND OF WOODS DO YOU USE? We work with reclaimed, salvaged and sustainable woods. Our reclaimed wood is, mainly, from reclaimed rafters and joists (which are made of hem and white fir, for its strength and straight grain). We hone each board to a soft, smooth finish while leaving the wood’s former characteristics. The character and charm of each piece lies in the organic nature of the wood - the various woodgrain patterning, former marks as well as subtle light and dark hues. 

HOW THICK ARE THE TABLE TOP AND LEGS? For our farmhouse collection, the wood species is hem and white fir. This wood allows for the table top to be a stout 1 1/2” and the legs to be a sturdy 3 1/2”.

ARE THERE ANY SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SOLID WOOD FURNITURE? Wood reacts to its environment by absorbing and releasing the air’s humidity. If a solid wood piece is set by a heater or by an exterior door it may react by cracking or warping. We design each piece to allow for subtle expansion and contraction of the wood, however to insure longevity of each piece make sure the furniture piece is not placed in areas with extreme humidity conditions.

WHAT IS YOUR FINISH PROCESS? Once the wood is stained and sealed with a protective topcoat. We hand-buff different waxes that not only enhance the color depth but add an additional coat of protection. Since our pieces are made completely from solid wood, they can be re-finished and used to last for generations.

ARE THERE ANY PRODUCTS THAT YOU RECOMMEND FOR MAINTENANCE? For any nicks or dents - A wax filler stick is recommended to fill and seal the wood. Simply rub the wax stick over the intended spot in a diagonal pattern, wipe away any excess and allow to harden overnight. If a dent has raise the woodgrain we recommend using the back of a metal spoon to gently burnish the high spot before applying wax. (We use Fastcap #06 for ‘natural’ and Fastcap #14 for our ‘tobacco’ finish.)

Wood Polish & Conditioner - A wood polish or conditioner is a great way to rejuvenate the wood’s surface or apply a sheen if desired. Simply rub onto the wood’s surface using a soft cloth or paper towel, wipe off any excess and allow to dry overnight. (We use Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner or Howard Wax-It-All Food Grade Wax.)

DO YOU OFFER CUSTOM DIMENSIONS? We specialize in tables that are under 72” long by 30” wide. This is due to the material we collect. We do custom sizes that fall within those dimensions.

DOES THE WOOD CRACK IN COLDER MONTHS? As with solid wood, normal humidity along with the use of radiators and heaters (especially in the winter months) may cause the wood to expand and contract. This is a natural occurrence with solid wood. Once the humidity levels return to normal the wood will typically go back to its original position. Avoid direct sunlight as this may change the color of the wood as well as damage the wood. (In some cases, with larger separations a paste filler can be used as it fills and strengthens the wood as well as allowing for the wood to flex.)

CAN I USE THIS OUTDOORS? We, currently, make pieces for indoors only. Our furniture pieces are not sealed or finished to be used in an outdoor setting.

CAN I RE-FINISH MY TABLE? Our finish process is eco-friendly, safe for the home and durable. We understand that stain colors may want to be changed from time to time and since we work with solid wood re-finishing can be an easy project. 

Always follow general safety guidelines for re-finishing practices and work in a well ventilated area. We do seal the wood with a clear topcoat which protects the wood - this will need to be sanded away before applying any stain color. Once that is removed, depending on your original stain option, additional sanding may be needed to remove the finish color and apply the new stain color and/or topcoat.

HOW CAN I SUBTLY ADD TO THE COLOR? You can add a wood wax over your furniture piece to darken or deepen the color. Our in-house moisture protectant topcoat works well with waxes to add sheen, color or to rejuvenate.

HOW SHOULD I CLEAN AND MAINTAIN MY FURNITURE PIECE? For a daily cleaning of wood furniture, simply use a damp, soft cloth followed by a dry cloth.  When a cleaner is needed, use a mild soap and wipe dry and in the direction of the grain.   A high quality furniture polish may be used occasionally.

WHAT KIND OF FINISHES DO YOU USE? Eco-friendly finishes and practices are very important to us. All of our finishes are made in-house with eco-friendly stains and sealers. Each piece is completely sealed with a moisture protective topcoat - perfect for daily life. The topcoat prevents stains by sealing in the wood fibers. The finish sheen is a low-luster finish, to retain the look of the natural wood while ensuring the longevity of the table along with ease of use.

WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We are located outside of the city of Milwaukee and our materials are collected from areas in and around the midwest. All of our pieces are handcrafted by us, in our studio.