About Us

North Field Store is a small, family run shop that works with a variety of woods and eco-friendly finishes to create furniture that showcase minimal, classic lines. 

In 2004, our company was producing furniture pieces for residential and commercial designers. We were being asked more and more to create pieces that utilized less natural products and we began to realize there was a loss of old-world craftsmanship in the marketplace.

We wanted to continue business based on our woodworking and design skills so we branched out on our own to create furniture that reflected our philosophy. Our concept was to create pieces for our own home and studio that would be safe for our living space as well as safe for us to work with everyday before making item for others.

Our studio, which is located near Lake Michigan, is surrounded by farms and open fields - we wanted our work space to reflect our environment.

We mainly created pieces with walnut, mahogany and American burl until one day, we were going through a local shop and, behind the building, we found a pile of reclaimed ceiling rafters just waiting to be disposed of. The wood looked badly damaged so we made a small offer to try a few boards. Once we got back to our shop, we honed the top layers to expose what was underneath only to find that the wood was strong and had an amazing individual character along with beautiful visual texture that left a soft feel of the organic, natural material.
The reclaimed lumber gave us a new insight to the pieces we wanted to live with, work with, and create with.

At this time, we already had our family of two little girls so the finishes and materials we worked and lived with were an important choice. The need for no chemicals and no vocs gassing off in our home was paramount. So, we worked to develop an eco-friendly, safe for the home line of wood finishes along with an family friendly clear topcoat which protects the woods and finishes from moisture spills and stains while maintaining a beautiful sheen with daily cleaning.

Our concept is to have real, natural furnishings that lead themselves to a
livable, stylish, healthy, and active home - a functional space to recharge, relax and play.