Features of Solid and Reclaimed Wood

Our pieces are made from solid wood, whether it's salvaged or milled. This means each piece is made from completely organic material with no laminates or veneers. When purchasing a solid wood furniture piece, it is meant to last for generations - withstanding the test of time. Unlike laminates or veneers, solid wood will not disintegrate or peel like other materials. When a furniture piece that is made with solid wood ages and shows wear it adds character and can add to the overall look of the piece. Solid wood can also be sanded and re-finished as you'd like. 

WOODGRAIN  Our pieces are made with real, solid wood - with no laminates or veneers. Each and every piece will feature heavy, medium or light woodgrain lines and shapes.
KNOTS  Knots are a common and natural part of real, solid wood.
CRACKS  Fillers or Paste Waxes will fill and harden in cracks or splits that are not structural. 
NAIL HOLES OR TOOL MARKINGS  When working with reclaimed wood, former characteristics and marks add to the story of the wood. 
BLEACHED AREAS  If the material was near a bright window there may be some bleaching from the sun whereas some areas may have been shielded from the light and are darker in hue. 
TEXTURE  Wood often has a natural grain texture and may have previous texturing or marks from former use.