PAYMENT  Payment is due upon checkout. If you have any questions please contact us before purchasing the item.

SHIPPING AND DELIVERY TIMES  If you need your item by a specific day, or days, please inquire about those times prior to placing your order. We are not always able to guarantee an order for a specific time once the order is in production.

SHIPPING SERVICE  Fedex does require a signature on all packages valued above $500.00 USD, where someone will have to sign for the item at the time and place of delivery.

A signature request can not be removed once a package is in transit due to this shipping service. Fedex may give information to the contrary and suggest the shipper simply needs to request for a signature to be removed however this is a Fedex policy that when shipping FEDEX GROUND this can not be done.

If you know prior to shipment that you will be UNABLE TO SIGN for a package we would be able to then ship using a different shipping service. If you choose this option, the package will not be insured for any shipping damages that may occur.

HOLIDAY DELIVERIES  Often purchases are made with the expectation that they will arrive on or before an upcoming holiday. When working with a third party shipping services our “hands are tied” as to the exact day of delivery, which depends primarily on the shipping company and their shipment capacity for those times. If this is a concern of yours please let us know beforehand so we may be able to better assist you on receiving your item on the day that works best for you.

Although, occasions may arise that are unforeseen and beyond our control - we would be best be able to let you know if there were any problems targeting those dates prior to your order.

SCHEDULED DELIVERIES  North Field ships all our items, unless otherwise arranged, with Fedex.

To best accommodate busy schedules, we have found that if you provide your contact number directly to a Fedex agent this enables the driver to work with you on the best delivery time for your schedule.

LOCAL PICK-UP - At this time we are not able to offer local pick-up.

North Field is not responsible for Fedex shipping and or deliveries. If you have any questions or concerns about shipping after your order has been issued a tracking number, please call 1 (800) 463-3339 with your tracking number.

PACKAGES UNDER $500 VALUE  Fedex does not require a signature for packages that are valued at $499 or under. If you are having your purchase delivered to an area that requires a signature please provide that information in the ‘notes to seller’ upon check-out, or email us, provide us with your contact number to give your local Fedex delivery person to best arrange the signature and drop off (we will only share your number with Fedex for delivery, if requested by you. North Field LLC - privacy policy).

SHIPPING DAMAGES  Upon signing the delivery receipt for item(s), inspect the complete package for any damage or signs of damage. Once you sign for the delivery receipt, you are accepting all responsibility for the item(s) that they are in an good condition. If you find any sign of damage, do not sign for the item.

You have the right as the customer to inspect the package and refuse the delivery if the item(s) appear to have damage or could be damaged. If you refuse the package, due to signs of damage, contact us as soon as possible and we will send replacement item(s). Any item that is damaged in shipment we are not responsible for as it was signed for being received in good condition.

SHIPPING OUTSIDE THE CONTIGUOUS US  At this time, we do not ship internationally or Hawaii or Alaska.

If prior arrangements have been made to ship outside the US, the purchaser is responsible for any duties or taxes due on your order.

NON-DELIVERED ITEM(S) DUE TO FAILURE TO ATTEMPT TO RECEIVE ORDER  Any item(s) that are not delivered despite shipping company making 3 delivery attempts at location given to North Field LLC upon order and re-routed by shipping company back to North Field LLC will be considered a return. Buyer pays return shipping costs.